Our Accreditation Policy

Skill central works with individuals and organizations for accreditation based on their competency, track record, and vision for learning and development. We provide accreditation to learning and coaching organizations in UK, Asia, and Europe.

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Benefits of being Accredited

The training and coaching industry has now matured to the extent that buyers of training/coaching services, both individuals and organizations, require ways to compare and be unique. Every organization needs to have international standards and a global mindset when it is about creating a learning platform. With a decade of experience in the coaching industry we help organizations to bridge the gaps and operate with maturity and excellence. Our expert mentors help you to figure out your current standards and help you attain global standards before we award you with our accreditation.

Accreditation Options

Coach Accreditation

(For Individuals)

Coach Accreditation has been designed to demonstrate that those who have achieved skill central Accreditation are committed to best practice and continuous improvement in their coaching journey. They have proved that they are able to use a range of tools and techniques with their clients resulting in positive results.

Coach Training Accreditation

(For Organizations)

Coach Training Accreditation offers reassurance to participants for coach training with regard to the level of knowledge, practical experience and application of coaching and training competencies, all bench-marked against best practice. Accrediting a coach training helps to minimize sub-standard coaching through mastering the ethical and rigorous coach practices.

Accreditation Process

The whole accreditation Process can take 2 to 3 weeks. The Accreditation process involves a thorough evaluation of the Brand, Mentors, and Facilitators for various course offerings. Would request partners to work with us in that whole process.

Please mail us at with your company profile for us to work with you on the accreditation process.