People Skills


In this section, we will help you identify your personal strengths, passions, and values to improve crucial aspects of your work, mindset, and relationships.

We give trainings on the below topics:-

  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Listening Skills

People Skills Programs


Effective Presentation Skills

We might have the best technical skills, however we struggle when we have to do a presentation in front of a client or even our own team. This workshop helps you to adopt techniques to help you communicate your ideas, accomplishments and and challenges.

The presentation technique’s are based on three things:
LOGOS – facts, statistics
PATHOS – Emotions, Feelings Values
ETHOS – Credibility as a speaker

Duration – 1 day
Duration and Course outline can be tailored as per clients need.


Soft Skills Boot Camp

This boot camp is basically designed to enhance skills to deal with the corporate world as well as employee’s personal capabilities. It helps to discover their strengths & weaknesses and areas of interest, empower employees to bring best out of them.

The course covers time management techniques, communication and presentation skills, negotiation skills and how to adopt to constant changes in an organization.

Duration – 2 days
Duration and Course outline can be tailored as per clients need.


Stress Management

Corporate spa is a team building and stress management program designed at an exotic resort in Bangalore to Prevent and counter stress and anxiety which enables you to take control on circumstances. The techniques to hone your emotional intelligence skills are covered during this program which helps you stay positive in the workplace and keeps you stress free. We also go through common stressful office situations and techniques to deal with them.
Check in to the resort in the morning have lots of fun and team building with other industry fellow mates, do some networking over lunch, learn while having fun and check out in the evening rejuvenated.

Duration – 1 day


Active Listening skills

Listening skills are as important as your Presentation skills. What does it take to be a good listener? The ability to listen effectively is an essential component of leadership. However people don’t give much importance to listening skills. The program covers active listening techniques and your ability to lead effectively by learning these techniques.

Duration – 1 day
Duration and Course outline can be tailored as per clients need.


Negotiation skills

The ability to negotiate and resolve disputes—not only with customers, vendors and partners but also internally.