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Everyone needs a coach! NO matter at what position your are, be it a CEO or a solopreneur, everyone needs coaching and mentoring. However there are a lot of individuals interested in creating personal coaches to add value. At Indian Leadership Academy we provide proven effective blueprints to individuals aspiring to coach other coaches.


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There are increasing complexities in everyone’s life today. Starting from a CEO of a multinational company to a student struggling with his subjects, everyone needs a personal coach who can bring out the best in him/her and help him/her to deal with life and its various problems. But how many of them have such a personal coach. A life coach is someone, who can understand and empathize with them, and keep them in a state of well-being always?

This dearth of skilled personal coaches especially life coaches has inspired us to create a Life Coaching Certification Program that can generate life and executive coaches excellent in dealing with people who are in need. 

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Progressive modernization of work culture today necessitates a personal coach for corporates. In our program, we create executive coaches qualified to work with corporate executives with the agenda to enhance their clarity on goals and required tasks. Unlike a life coach who deals with problems surrounding life in general, we train in Executive coaching, the  participants are train to conduct behavioral assessments and confidential interviews in the corporate scenario to provide Executive Coaching and  attain desirable targets.

Program Modules